Watch: Florida C.P. Marco Wilson throws a shoe, which leads to a penalty, then a field goal for LSU to win the game

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Of Florida College football playoff disappears 37-34 in The Swamp on Saturday night LSU. Penalty for behaving like a sportsman at Gators Cornerback Marco Wilson With less than two minutes left the Tigers keep driving alive, allowing it to kick Kate York Advancing to reach the 57-yard field goal with 23 seconds remaining.

But this is not a punishment for any incompetent behavior. Third and 10:51 with 1:51 remaining, LSU quarterback Max Johnson Success Cole Taylor For a four-yard profit, setting the fourth and 6th. This would have put LSU’s offense in a game-determining situation, with the exception of Wilson, who, in a bizarre move, threw Taylor’s shoe on the field. Officers immediately threw the flag and gave the LSU the first down, which allowed the driver to proceed.

Delayed game penalties like this can have dire consequences. In this case, it did not take long for the other shoe to drop.

Five plays later, LSU Florida entered the 39-yard line. After Florida time was up, York arrived on the field and left the 57-yarder with 30 seconds left in the fog.

Florida still had a chance to control the game or take the lead. Gators was able to get the field goal limit in all three plays of the offense, but Of Evan McPherson Trying is not good.

The Gators will still be topping the SEC Championship game Alabama Next week, but even if they win – to be clear, they will be a laggard – their playoff chances are hugely successful. The pain of T-legs is like this.

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