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The International Space Station can only be seen when it is dark. The moment the sun illuminates the station itself, that light is reflected back toward Earth. In the coming days, this will be the case in the Netherlands between 5:30 pm and 10 pm. The International Space Station can then be seen in clear weather and looks like a fast-moving star.

However, as Weerplaza’s Wouter van Bernbeek says, until Tuesday, the clouds dominate in the Netherlands. “Especially at night. For the next three nights, there is little chance that we will take a look at the space station. If it ever happens, it will be in the south of the country. This is where the opportunity for clarification is greatest.”

This is due to the blowing of northerly winds until the middle of next week. The cold sea water creates many clouds this way. Moreover, the International Space Station cannot be seen all night. So it’s a shot. After that there must be a permit. “

At night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the chance of qualifiers increases everywhere in the Netherlands, Van Bernebeck says. On Wednesday and Thursday nights, the orbit of the International Space Station is also the most convenient for observation. However, Van Bernbeek warns: This is still so far away that the prediction is very uncertain.

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