Water polosters avoid the United States in group stage games

At the Olympics, Dutch water polosters are grouped together with Australia, South Africa, Spain and Canada. It was the result of a draw in Rotterdam on Sunday after the men ‘s Olympic qualifiers. The men failed to win a ticket to the Tokyo game there.

The water polosters, led by coach Arno Havenga, had already promised to take part in January. Orange will avoid world champion USA in any case, which ended in Group B. “On the one hand, we want to finish first in the group, but on the other hand, it means we can meet them somewhere in the crossfire before the final,” replied Havenga, who considers Spain a favorite. Group a. “They were No. 2 at last World Cup and last year’s European champions. Australia is also a strong team, Canada is struggling a bit.”

The Netherlands also avoids the best countries in the group, such as Hungary and Russia.

The Olympics begin on July 23rd. The Netherlands became Olympic champion in Beijing in 2008, missing the next two times. The title went to the United States in both 2012 and 2016.

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