“We are immersed in each other’s work”

he wrote Ancestors. she Donuteconomie. They live together in Oxford with their twelve-year-old twins Siri and Cass. Annemiek Leclaire asked Roman Krznarik and Kate Raworth through their daughter, at the kitchen table. About how he wrote her Donuteconomie And how I transferred it from “the art of living” to “the art of social change.”

Romanian: Well, here we are to record: Kate, Roman and daughter Siri.

Kit: “With a glass of wine.”
Romanian: “Roman with some kind of Aperol Spritz, and Siri has a list of questions!”
Seri: Yes!
Romanian: ‘We have to go back.’

Kitchen workshops

Professor Kate Raworth (50) is the inventor and writer of Donut Economics, an economic model that measures economic prosperity by looking at achieving the social basis without going beyond environmental ceilings. Pope Francis mentions the model in his new book Let’s dream “Part of the new thinking about the economy that the world needs now.”

Roman Krznarik (eight days after Kate turns 50) is a philosopher: he is the co-founder of The School of Life in London and has published bestsellers around the world on better life and social change. He is best known for his advocacy of compassion as the emotional skill of the 21st century. In early January, …

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