We can already watch Sweet Magnolias season 3 this summer

The third season of Sweet magnolia Just around the corner! If you turn on Netflix on July 20th, you can see what happens next with best friends Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen.

Sweet magnolia Set in the Deep South of the United States where the weather is always hot, the people are friendly and where Maddie, Dana Sue and Helen are trying to live long and happy lives. But there are always other people throwing screws into the works.

Cale was furious

After the Season 2 finale, there are quite a few questions that Season 3 must answer. For example, Helen was just beginning to fall in love with Eric when her old love Ryan suddenly appeared again and asked her to marry him. what do you want to do? And Maddie thought she had it all figured out with Cal’s soccer coach when it turned out he had a minor anger problem. what do you want to do?

Bill is the father

Meanwhile, Dana Sue decides to bring her ex-husband Ronnie back. And the biggest revelation of all was that Maddie’s ex-husband, Bill, turned out to be the father of Isaac, the kitchen assistant who had been searching for his biological parents for some time.

mysterious woman

In the last episode of the second season, a mysterious figure also appears. Dana Sue’s daughter Annie is approached by a woman who calls her mother a “life destroyer”. Later, the same woman is shown slashing the tires of Sullivan’s Restaurant to smithereens.

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When Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue saw the footage of the devastation, they had only one thing to say: “She’s back.” Who is this mysterious woman?

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