‘We feel abandoned’

Schiedam – The Schiedam Institute for Animal Food Aid has called it his resignation. ‘I finish. We’re done fighting rules and misunderstandings. Let the initiator Maria Lambrigts know.

The initiative began in April 2021. Before that, there was doubt about the need for this animal food bank, but things took a turn for the worse. This has led to a new problem: housing. Maria had to move from her current location at Sint Liduinastraat in Schiedam-West. The food bank partners here with Cas Kluin, property owner and owner of thrift store De Molen. Kluin offered Lambregts shelter for her social project for free. But now it was the time when Clein asked her to leave. “Space is running out. I have clients calling me to pick up things that I have to say no, because I don’t have the space for that,” Kluin previously told SCHIE TV.

The search for a new website for the Lambridges Animal Food Bank has begun. Maria: “I just wish we had a nice place where we could store and distribute food.” Maria was looking for Schedamer who could help her. Because she definitely does not want to lose what she has built now. “I really depend on Schiedamers who have a very big animal heart. I only need one Schiedammer to save me with this. I think he’s wandering. I just need to get to him.”

Now she says she will stop. “Thank you Cas from thrift store de Molen, for supporting us from the start and giving us an opportunity to prove that our animal food aid is viable.”

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According to Lambrigts, 31 dogs, 52 cats, 3 rabbits, 3 birds and their owners are the victims of the decision. This is certainly close to our hearts, but there is no other choice. It started as a citizens’ initiative in April 2021, and I had to struggle hard to prove ourselves. We feel we are left in the area. There are many other more important things in this city. A bag of money alone won’t get you there.

The last release will be on March 29th.

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