We made up some fake news about the Argentines to put France on alert for the final

Professional Shots / Marcel Van Dorst

It’s a strategy that was used successfully in Argentina to provoke the national team to their match against the Netherlands: fake news. After reading made-up quotes from the Dutch, the Argentines were so excited that they attacked the duel with the orange like bloodthirsty dogs. Since we must do everything we can to prevent this hot mess from going off with the world title, we made up some fake news to put the French on high gear for the final. Do you read Didier?

Nicolas Otamendi: “I still outshine Mbappe when I crawl back”.

Emiliano Martinez: “Giroud hasn’t scored a goal in the World Cup.”

Lionel Messi: Without Pogba and Kante, the French midfield is nothing. Who do you have to put there as a controller, Griezmann or something? do not make me laugh.’

Lionel Scaloni: Anti-football in Deschamps is a disgrace to the entire football world. If they encounter us like this again, we will roll them up effortlessly.

Diego Maradona: “I’m currently offering more than Mbappe.”

Christina Kirchner: “Macron is a corrupt man who was undoubtedly paid for by Qatar.”

Facundo Tello: “A Turbine Can’t Whistle”.

Queen Máxima: France is a bit stupid. what I say? typhoid”.

Leandro Paredes: “Anyone who takes a seat in the dugout with France is completely provocative and will be appropriately punished by our glorious nation.”

Carlos Tevez: “Benzema’s friend said she thinks I’m much prettier.”

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