We now know when The Walking Dead will resume

We now know when The Walking Dead will resume

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We now know when The Walking Dead will resume

The eleventh and final season of the walking Dead It returns with eight episodes throughout February.

The final of the first part of last season can be watched in the United States next Sunday. And now AMC is already letting you know when the second series can be seen.

February 2022

AMC announces that the second part of season 11 of the walking Dead On February 20, 2022. Again, it’s about eight episodes that can be watched every Sunday on AMC and a week ago on streaming service AMC+.

the walking Dead You’ll get the third installment of new episodes of the season, which will air on the streaming service sometime in October.

With this new batch of episodes, it’s back! the walking Dead Again with great episodes. The heroes face attacks carried out by the Reapers to combat the wrath of Mother Nature. The world around them is completely collapsing. And life in the Commonwealth certainly isn’t perfect.

Could you the walking Dead Streaming on Disney+.

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