We spoke to Cruyff, he didn’t dare.

Walter Smack can still see him driving into the parking lot. Jose Reinaldo de Lima, as he is known by his full name, is usually reported to be in a good mood in the morning at the training ground in Filsen-Zuid. Coach Cor van der Hart then asked: “And Rinaldo, training today?” ‘, followed by a smile. ‘C, training,’ was the standard answer. But there’s no explosion.” Then he extended the warm-up to a half hour, said the 55-year-old left winger at the time, who preferred to play in midfield. ELF Football’s Stunt Special.

Special Extra Thickness, Via this link Convenient to order online, is an ode to football surprise. Not only are results in the cup and league, exciting teams and European surprises are also covered. So-called stunt transfers are also discussed. Reinaldo to Telstar is definitely one of them. The striker is a celebrity in his country. At Atlético Mineiro, in which he scored no fewer than 255 goals from 1973 to 1985, they called him O Rei. the king. In the national football team, he has scored fourteen goals in 37 international matches. At the 1978 World Cup, he scored the important equalizing goal against Sweden, preventing elimination in the group stage. He leaves the tournament with a bronze medal around his neck.

Reinaldo travels to the Netherlands in the spring of 1987. As a huge fan of Johan Cruijff, he would like to take a closer look at how the Ajax coach works, he explains. Who knows what will result from that. “I got a call from a friend from Belo Horizonte. He asked me if I could take Reynaldo to Ajax,” says Jacob Cork, a Brazilian living in Amsterdam, of the striker’s arrival. “We talked to Cruijff, but he didn’t dare. Reynaldo had had knee problems for several years. He continued to struggle. There was little medical knowledge in Brazil at the time.”

“He eventually had surgery in the United States. Reinaldo was again pain-free, but Cruyff deemed the risk too great.” Moreover, Ajax already has the maximum number of foreign players under contract with Finn Petri Tiainen and Scotsman Alistair Dick. “Cruyff sent us Telstar, at that time it was a club belonging to Ajax.” Kurc ​​speaks with Cor van der Hart. “A nice but tough coach. He thought it was okay for Reynaldo to arrive.”

“He lived at my house in the center of Amsterdam for eight months. In that time I had three restaurants, including one in Groningen, and a coffee shop. I was very busy, but I brought him to Vilsen-Zuid every day and picked him up again. Later accounts circulated that he Late or not, but I question these stories. I am so certain that I know the Dutch are always on time. I never left Rinaldo on the field a minute late. Rinaldo was not Romario, who was often late. How was Rinaldo at home? Cheerful boy, full of jokes.

In the article, Kurc reveals the real reason that prompted Rinaldo to play football again after ten months, the lucrative transfer he was rejected for the first time, what Rinaldo did outside of football and how his end came at Telstar. It also explains their most recent contacts. Smak tells from the player’s point of view about Reinaldo’s expectations and his actual impression in the dressing room. About his input during the competitions, about the development he experienced and explaining the stories that were circulated about him. Show creator Eric Dykstra spoke about the special visit on behalf of Bureau Sport to Rio de Janeiro, where he and co-presenter Frank Evenblige faced many surprises.

The full article on Rinaldo and his private move to Telstar is part of the new edition of ELF Football. Extra thick version, renamed Stunt Special. An ode to surprises in football. We talked to participants about Ajax’s 4-1 win over Real Madrid in the Champions League, three ex-Helmond Sport players, about the club’s first and last KNVB Cup final, and four cup champions from FC Wageningen who gave PSV the biggest home defeat in history. . Hand over four players from Limburger who took part in the European Cup (II) for the first time in history with Fortuna Sittard in the 1984/85 season, three players who made the first and exciting European adventure of FC Groningen, and two club icons who played for PEC Zwolle who achieved the exciting victory 5-1 in the final of the KNVB Cup over Ajax. In addition, private transfers are being taken care of, Belgian club Union Saint-Gilloise and Keisuke Honda’s arrival at VVV-Venlo.

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