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Mozartlaan - Photo: Wouter Steenbergen

Zwolle – It will be dry in Zwolle on Friday, after a night of rain. Mornings are sparkling refreshing: a few degrees above zero and close to freezing to the ground.

The sun rises at 8:30, which is likely to be seen in all its glory among the veils of clouds in the east. The sun remains on the horizon on Friday, on an all-blue sky over Zwolle, or decorated with clouds of rubble without any precipitation intentions. The southwest wind is moderate in strength 3 and only raises the flags. In the afternoon Mercury reaches about 6 degrees maximum. If you can maneuver yourself somewhere in the sun and outside the wind, you are in the right place.

In the evening and at night until Saturday, the temperature drops to freezing point and on the ground slightly below it. Locally this can lead to slipping due to frost. During the night the showers can float over the city. If this precipitation falls on an icy surface, the chance of slipping is real. The downpour may be wet snow, but snow cover is not expected.

On the weekends, ocean disturbances pass through the south of the Netherlands. It remains to be seen when and in what form Zwolle will receive precipitation from this. However, there are many weather models that emit so-called “snow signals”. With a maximum temperature of around +4 degrees, it comes with wet snow on Saturday and Sunday. The chance of rain appears to be greater on Saturday.

Cooling down at night from Saturday to Sunday just below zero increases the chance of snowfall at night. There might be a little snow somewhere on a Sunday morning.

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