Weather report. Once again, gray, cold, but dry weather, a chance of light snow in the Ardennes | Science and the planet

The instability in our atmosphere did not last long. Although this does not translate into a radiant sun. Because a lot of moisture is trapped in the lower layers of air, which leads to a lot of low clouds. In addition, a northern stream carries polar air to our country. This causes the temperature to drop again to a few degrees above freezing. South of Sambre en Maas, watch out for the slide (code yellow until 12 noon).

a look. Weather forecast for Friday, January 27, 2023

Today It will be cloudy all day with many low clouds. Only on the coast there are some licenses. It also stays mostly dry. Occasionally there will be some drizzle in Upper Belgium it could be light snow. The extremes fluctuate between -1°C and +6°C. Moderate winds blow from the north to the northeast.

Tonight and tonight Minor changes. There is still heavy cloud cover. Locally, some drizzle or fog (freezing) is possible. Minimum temperatures range between -2°C and +3°C. Winds coming from the northeast decrease from moderate to weak.

tomorrow The day begins with low clouds, but during the day the cloud cover opens up. It will be partly cloudy in most places from then on. The temperature fluctuates between -1°C and +5°C.

also Sunday It starts with clouds, especially in the west and south of Sampre-en-Mas. Elsewhere, there are still some obvious spells. Gradually it becomes heavily cloudy all around. It will stay dry at 1°C to 8°C. The maximum is somewhat softer thanks to winds from the southwest.

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next week We can expect a lot of clouds and light rain. There will be some clearance from the northwest on Monday, but it will still be variable with showers throughout the day. Maximums fluctuate between 4°C and 8°C.

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