Weather report. Partly cloudy with a chance of showers | Science and the planet

Rain zone moving across our country today. Behind it follows cold sea air of polar origin. So today is a changeable day, and tomorrow and the day after is noticeably colder.

In the morning The sun alternates with the clouds. Occasionally, there is also a shower between them. In the afternoon The cloud cover thickens. Then the rainy area moves from west to east and causes very cloudy weather with precipitation. Quantities are limited though. Maximum temperatures fluctuate between 8 and 14°C in weak to moderate southerly winds. Heading west at the end of the day.

Tonight It leaves the rain zone across the east of our country. Then it dries up again and disappears from the west. In the Ardennes, low clouds can still limit visibility. Minimum temperatures range between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius. A weak southwesterly wind blows, turning to the northwest during the night and gaining strength in the coastal region.

Thursday cool down a bit. Then the cold, unstable polar air penetrates our country with moderate north winds. In the northwest, the day will start with a wide expanse. In the southeast, it rains heavily with rain, but then it fades there, too. In the center and east there are local haze and fog. Maximums fluctuate between 5 and 11°C.

Friday The mercury will drop a bit more with a maximum between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. The day begins with a wide area, followed by a rainy area that moves to our country from the northwest. The further you live towards the Netherlands, the greater the chance of rain. In the Ardennes, precipitation can be in winter. Moderate winds blowing from the northwest.

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weekend It will start unsettled on Saturday with lots of clouds, rain and clearings later. The temperature fluctuates around 6 degrees Celsius with moderate north winds. On Sunday, the weather will be sunny, but still cold, with a maximum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, with northeasterly moderate winds.

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