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Today, a cold front is moving very slowly across our country to the southeast. Behind this disturbance is cold arctic air, which can cause rain to turn to snow across the country. But even where it only rains, there is a chance of it appearing at night from Tuesday to Wednesday when the wet road surface freezes. The weather conditions will remain wintry in the following days.

today Is the weather overcast and rainy? Precipitation has a wintry character in Upper Belgium. The disturbance is gradually moving toward the southeast. In the center of the country, where the most precipitation is expected, the rain may turn to slush or even snow. Some rain is also possible in the winter in the north of the country. Maximums fluctuate between 3 and 6°C. In the afternoon it cools down again due to the northwest wind.

Tonight There is snow (melting) in the southeast. In the north it will dry again with a wide clearance. lower limit – 3 to 0 ° C. A light wind blows from a variable direction. RMI already warns of slipping due to snow or ice patches. yellow code The slip was announced for the entire country from midnight and is in effect until Wednesday. This is already earlier for the southern provinces.

Softness Code Yellow 07/03/2023 – 09/03/2023. © RMI

tomorrow It is overcast due to the winter showers. In the Ardennes, this is snow, snow melted elsewhere or temporary snow. During the day it will become dry again from the northwest, although clouds will still linger. However, by the evening a new precipitation zone will already reach our country from the south. It is cold with a maximum of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. Winds will be weak to moderate in speed from the east.

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Thursday Winter precipitation leaves our country through the German border. The rest of the morning is dry. In the afternoon, the volatility increases again. The extremes fluctuate between 2 and 10 °C. There is a light wind blowing to the south.

This stream from the southwest ensures milder temperatures Friday. It is cloudy and rainy, but with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius.

also weekend It seems to bring with it the necessary twists.

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