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Photo: Arjan van der Scher

Zwolle – Wed There is plenty of sunshine. Especially in the morning, cumulus clouds are not as many as in the afternoon. We see a lot of blue sky over Zwolle. At eight in the morning, the temperature is about 16 degrees, after which the mercury in the elevator reaches about 23 degrees.

It’s not really warm, but it’s a nice temperature. As the mercury rises, the chance of a shower over the city increases. This shower can also cause a thunderstorm in the afternoon. But we won’t exaggerate this, because the chance of a dry Wednesday in Zwolle is much greater. If there is no rain, you will not have a very warm summer day with various cloudy skies. A day with a little work.

Perhaps it is the wind, because it is clearly present with a strength of 3 to 4. It is a moderate wind that comes from the south to the southwest. In the evening the wind dies. Most cumulus clouds surrender.

Thursday will have a similar rhythm to pulling in larger and larger cumulus as it warms. In the afternoon the temperature will be around 25°C in the city. But the weather is unstable and rain can more easily turn into thunderstorms. Bathing activity will become greater on Thursday afternoons and evenings in Twente, but especially in Germany.

Friday is quieter. The chance of a completely dry day is high with sunshine, clouds and light winds. The afternoon temperature is around 23 degrees. The weather over the weekend remains uncertain. Some weather models come with a lot of rain, and some don’t.

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KNMI gave hope Tuesday that warmer summer weather will return. New research from the Weather Institute shows that the atmosphere appears to favor summers with much of the same weather. “If the summer begins in a certain way, there is a greater chance that it will continue that way,” KNMI researchers wrote.

This gives hope for the rest of the summer. The meteorological summer began on June 1, and in that month it was a few degrees warmer than average, there was less than average rain and there was much more brightness than usual in June.

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