Webber’s admiration for the Dutch party: ‘Sport should be cherished’

2021 was a very successful year for the motorsport nation, the Netherlands. The Grand Prix returned to Zandvoort and Max Verstappen won in front of his fans. It certainly wasn’t the only race the Red Bull driver won. He crowned his year with the world title and blew up the orange stands in Abu Dhabi.

The season was generally marked by those orange-coloured terraces. The highlight was the obvious grand prize in Zandvoort. For three days, the area of ​​the dunes turned orange and it was a real folk festival. The Dutch race was impressive and many of the experts were full of praise.

new standard

Former driver Mark Webber was also impressed with the atmosphere at Zandvoort. Looking back in 2021, he paid homage to Channel 4: “It was really great for motorsport and it also set a whole new standard for Formula 1”.

to cherish

Verstappen himself can also count on the compliments of Webber. The Australian thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the Dutch Red Bull driver. So he hopes the world will continue to treat him well: “This kind of driver appears in the sport once every ten years. He’s great! The sport should really cherish him.”

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