Webby Kempers Machines 2023 Bissell Cup Champion


Aalten – On Sunday, January 15th, a field of nearly full participants represented the local sport of archery.

Relatively early in the day, the lights come on over the famous Oerkroeg Schiller dart stage. “Are you ready? Let’s play darts!” And the battle for the Tennis Championship erupts.
From the group system, the division was forced on the currently strongest players, only to eventually end up in the semi-finals. Team Schiller 2 won the honor of presenting the Singularity to the end of the timeline from this point on. In a stunning finale, the Wipe Kimbers finally captured the title and were crowned the 2023 Bissell Cup Allen’s Champion.
On the 25th anniversary (2023) of the Schiller 2 darts team, the party committee decided to put some people in the spotlight. These are the people who made an indelible contribution to the Schiller 2 team. The Challenge Cup for the Aaltens Championship will therefore be called the BESEL CUP from 2023. It is named after the founder of at least the local and regional sport of darts: Benny Sellink. Jubilee is delighted to be able to make this gesture so soon after Penny’s 70th birthday.
Where in the UK there is an annual battle for the legendary Syd Waddell Cup during the World Darts Championship, from now on in Aalten there will be an annual darts competition for the already famous Bissell Cup.
The Schiller Darts Association and its director Jaap Diliman want to express a fitting toast to the founder of the association, Benny Sellink.

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