Webern van Haga is launching a new party. Entrepreneurs should stand on a pedestal

Wybren van Haga launched a new political party called BV NL: Belang van Nederland. With more than 240,000 votes, Webern van Haga entered the House of Representatives for the Forum for Democracy. It was not long before he left the party due to a break in the path with leader Thierry Baudt.

Besides Van Haga, Olaf Ephraim and Hans Smulders also left FVD. Together with them and with several regional politicians who had previously left the Baudet party, Van Haga is now starting this new “pioneering party”. According to Van Haga, who was previously expelled from the VVD, his old party has taken a “clear left turn” on climate policy, economics and immigration. It is a left-wing economic policy that they implement. We will advocate a right-wing economic policy in which ambition is good and action must pay off. For example, Van Haga wants to create a smaller government and lower taxes. We want to get rid of all sorts of weird rules, like that the risk of a sick employee being completely exposed to the entrepreneur. This was stated in the electoral program of the VVD for years, it was even mentioned in the coalition agreement, but it is being squandered. this is shame. The businessman must be put on a pedestal again.

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“The Forum is not a leading party”

In addition to the VVD, Van Haga also sees a significant difference in his new party with the Forum for Democracy. “The forum is not a leading party. They are very conservative. In terms of content, van Haag is a little different from his last game. “For 90 percent of the forum has a good platform, but the way they do politics is something we can’t agree with anymore.”

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With JA21, FDF, VVD, SGP, PVV and BBB, it is occupied on the right wing of the political spectrum. However, Van Haga sees enough room for his party. He’s not busy on the right. He’s very busy in the ultra-conservative corner. There’s the Forum, JA21 and the SGP. We’re not very conservative. If you look at the recent gay rights vote, you’ll see that these parties are actually voting against it. We don’t agree. If you saw that Baudet tweeted yesterday that boys and girls should be segregated in schools, we don’t agree with that either. (…) We’re less conservative about it. In the economic sphere, BV NL sees a lot of room.” Nobody left in the field of law economic”.

formation – composition

Van Haga also sees room for his party in a coalition agreement. VVD and the D66 are now working on a draft proposal that Van Haga wants to join with the JA21 and SGP. I am defending a minority government. Then let the stability come with combination in SGP, JA21 and BV NL bearing construction. We can then honor the voter, because they chose the right-wing majority, says Van Haga.


It is not yet certain whether BV NL will also participate in municipal elections in 2022. We still have to look into that. You have to start such a game very calmly and steadily. If there are acquaintances in certain municipalities who would like to participate under certain conditions, we are open to that. But we will apply strict standards to it.”

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