Storing (personal) data in the cloud means that this data is stored on the server. If this server is located outside the EU it will have legal consequences. What companies should do when processing data outside the EU is included in the webinar ‘Shrems II, Brexit and the use of the cloud’ to be organized on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), personal data may not be sent to parties outside the EU. Prior to July 2019, the agreement between the EU and the United States (EU-US Privacy Shield) made it possible for parties in the United States to process personal data.

Webinar Shremes II en Brexit

First European Court of Justice However, in Shrews II, the EU-US Privacy Shield was declared invalid, which is no longer possible. After the United Kingdom left the European Union, a similar question was asked about data processing: How is adequate security storage of personal data organized in the United Kingdom? An organization must ensure that the personal data processed is adequate and that the processing is adequately organizational and contractual.

The speakers were heated

On April 21, the website ‘Shrems II, Brexit and the Use of the Cloud’ provides information on lawyers and experts in the field. Speakers for this webinar:

  • Eric Wolbrecht (Action Lawyers) on data transfer to third countries according to GDPR;

  • Friedrich von der Jact (Hunter Legal) on the content of the Shremes cases;

  • Arnout Engelfried (ICDRD) on data storage in the United Kingdom;

  • Marlene here about practical experiences (Amsterdam UMC);

  • Niels Wagner (Arcus ID) and Ing Peak (NEN) on cloud standards.

Webinar is available to all parties involved in the processing of (personal) data in countries outside the EU. Possibility to register via NEN events.

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