Weesp provides more parking space for bicycles

Weesp – Starting in the summer, the Supervision and Enforcement Department will start removing bikes in crowded places again. This primarily concerns bicycle wrecks; These are very bad bikes to ride. This debris is removed to the waste point. By clearing the bicycle wreckage, the municipality expects that there will again be enough space for Weesper to park his or her bike.

Bicycle parking in Weesp

Many residents use a bicycle, for example, to cycle to the center or to the station. This means that it can be very busy cycling, and not everyone can park his or her bike. This is also because there are unused bikes, so called orphan bikes, and bike wrecks in between.

bike wreck

In cooperation with the Amsterdam municipality, a new way to remove bicycle debris has been found. And that means good news for Weesper: bike debris will be cleared again, so there’s more room to park!

orphan bikes

After bicycle wrecks, the municipality also takes care of orphan bikes or discarded bikes. These are bikes that can’t be used right away, or bikes that obviously haven’t been used for a long time. The municipality puts a sticker on orphan bikes. Orphan bikes with a sticker will remain at the location for another two weeks. After those two weeks, those bikes are removed and taken to the bike depot in Amsterdam.

bike warehouse

Since it is not easy for Weespers to pick up an orphan bike there, the bike can also be delivered at home from the bike depot. There are costs involved, just as with pick-up. More information about the bicycle depot can be found at https://www.amsterdam.nl/parkeren-verkeer/fiets/fietsdepot/. With this approach, the municipality hopes to make Weesp more accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.

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