Welcome site for flood victims in Nijswiller | 1 Limburg

Flood victims can immediately go to an emergency shelter in Nijswiller.

The municipality of Galben-Yatim has arranged temporary accommodation for residents and tourists affected by the storm on Wednesday evening. Several camps along Geul and Gulp were evacuated.

Coffee and sleeping place
“We are there for the victims. They can go to the old school building and give them coffee and a listening ear,” said a spokeswoman for the Gulben Yatim municipality. The site also provides a place to sleep.

“Enough place”
In addition, four staff members of the Red Cross attend to provide care. A total of 100 people can be accommodated, but that number is out of reach, according to the municipality. “There is still plenty of room,” concludes the municipality spokeswoman. It is not known how many casualties there.

The municipality has received several calls about the floods. Then it was decided to open an emergency shelter. “We continue to monitor everything carefully, but this site is only for victims and not as a central meeting place,” the municipality spokeswoman said.

Army in South Limburg
The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) announced the red symbol on Wednesday evening due to the expected rainfall in the south of the province. Aid has now arrived: 68 soldiers will provide assistance in the affected areas for at least 24 hours.

Follow the live news about the floods here.

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