Well strengthened with Christmas • again reduced hospital admissions

In various parts of the country, people have received a booster dose, even though it is Christmas Day. The additional stab campaign continued today as well.

For example, there was room for 1,000 people in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, according to reports Brabant broadcast. People come to the function hall from different places in the county. “All showtimes are busy,” Bert Theunison of GGD Hart for Brabant told the broadcaster.

There was also a lot of tingling at Expo Houten today, according to reports RTV Utrecht. “The pressure from the community is high. We really want to do it very well,” said Tessa Rejinder, director of coronavirus management at Utrecht GGD. The exhibition was opened earlier. The site will in fact reopen as a puncture site only on Monday. “The utilities department has worked really hard,” says Rijntalder. “So it could have been two days ago.”

And at the GGD site at St Jansdal Hospital in Lelystad, staff tried to maintain a little Christmas atmosphere during the twitch. “Many of our employees have also found that it is no problem at work during the Christmas season,” says Erwin Schuten, day coordinator for this vaccination site. Flevoland broadcast. “Team spirit is really good.” About 500 people came to the site to get a booster dose.

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