Westerfield Fire Ban: No atmospheric fires, flares or barbecue

In Westerveld municipality, there is an immediate ban on smoking. From now on, atmospheric fires such as patio heaters and fire pits in open spaces are prohibited. By this, the municipality also means, for example, its own garden, and not just public spaces such as parks or nature reserves.

“We’ve thought about this carefully. There are many parks in Westerveld on the borders of a nature reserve, or on thatched-roof farms. So the ban also applies to our private property.”

This ban was imposed by Westerveld Municipality due to the permanent drought, as well as the holiday period. The recent fire at a cemetery in Dwingeloo also plays a role in this decision.

“Nature is very dry,” warns Martin Bourse, chief duty officer for the Dwingeloo Fire Brigade. “Most fires in or near nature reserves and roadsides are caused by human behavior or negligence. Think trash butts, barbecues, or a car’s hot catalytic converter. Be reasonable and avoid anything with fire, sparks, or heat near nature.”

This is why there is now a ban in the open space in Westerveld on lighting by candles, lamps and the like. In addition to atmospheric fires, cooking, baking and roasting fires are now prohibited as well. Therefore, grilling in nature is not an option. The ban is valid until further notice from the municipality.

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