Westhoek requires space to do business

Last year, Voka West-Vlaanderen issued a double plea at this time of year: put an end to plans to turn Westhoek into a ‘landscape park’ and urgently accelerate the complex Ypres-Veurne project, which would improve access to the region in terms of commuting. . The nomination of “Landschapspark Westhoek” was not chosen much to Fuka’s satisfaction. “This decision removed a lot of uncertainty from our entrepreneurs,” says Pieter de Brabandiere, Voka President for the Veurne region.

There was less success for the Ypres-Veurne navigation profile. A file is gathering dust in the government of Minister Zuhal Demir. “Compared to last year, almost no progress has been made,” says Vincent Callens, who took over from Christophe Daigne in June as Foca’s head for the Ypres region. “Something needs to be done in terms of quality of life, traffic flow and safety. This is a unique opportunity that we must not miss. We are therefore ready to play a leading role in this file with Voka West-Vlaanderen in order to get all stakeholders on the same page.”

On a positive note

Both regional heads end on a positive note. “Like I said, we were glad not to keep the file on Westhoek Landscape Park,” said Vincent Callins and Peter de Brabandere. In addition, we are also pleased that the ROCs (Regional Cargo Centers) in Veurne and Diksmuide will be operational in 2023, which will give an additional impetus to inland freight in our region. And last but not least, the good news also came from the province of West Flanders, which has successfully launched its European 5G project.Smart Flanders Fieldsto Westhoek. Westhoek currently has poor 3G and 4G coverage. With this project – which will include several pilot projects in healthcare – Westhoek will become one of the first smart and connected rural areas in Europe.”

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