What a great book by Arnout Jaspers. Everyone should read this.

The new book Nitrogen trap Scientific journalist Arnold Jaspers It is the talk of the day. Here are reactions from daily and weekly magazine authors Martin Sommer, Leon de Winter, Ronald Plasterk, Simon Rosendahl, and Martin Keulemans.

What is nature actually?

Read the new book by science journalist Arnot Jaspers, Nitrogen trap. It’s all there. Jaspers asks the crucial question at the outset. What is nature actually? Nature is not fact or hard science, but the zeitgeist and romanticism. For one nature is a wolf, and the other a forest violet.

Nature in the Netherlands is a ‘desirable nature’, a return of a longing, organized by Natuurmonumenten and Staatsbudsheer, to a country a hundred or two hundred years ago. Experts have made this desire measurable, because after all, measurement is knowledge. For example, nature has been transformed to the number of kilograms of nitrogen that a given species can tolerate.

(Martin Sommer, De Volkskrant, March 10, 2023)

An amazing journey through the nitrogen crisis

‘I am reading the book Nitrogen trap physicist Arnott Jaspers. The nitrogen crisis is “based on ignorance, misuse of science and shady backroom deals”. It’s a bewildering journey through the real-life jungle of the nitrogen crisis, and you come to the end of the book in horror. What our politicians choose regarding nitrogen depends on quicksand.

Dutch agriculture has the lowest ammonia emissions in the European Union, and there are technical solutions to increase efficiency. But the elites do not want a solution. In other words: If the path to innovation is cut off, the nitrogen crisis is clearly not about nitrogen. There appears to be a different agenda than that of reducing nitrogen and ammonia.

(Leon de Winter, De Telegraaf, March 21, 2023)

It is inconceivable that the government will continue this policy.

Not only should the politicians stop the law bringing the nitrogen target to 2030, they should also stop the writers Nitrogen trap by physicist and science journalist Arnot Jaspers and fundamentally reconsidered nitrogen policy. And perhaps unnecessarily: Nitrogen is different from carbon dioxide. Someone who opposes nitrogen plans should not be spoken of as a climate denier.

Now that the voter has spoken, but especially in light of the established facts, it is inconceivable that the government should listen to the loser D66 and continue the nitrogen policy. I was hoping that the critical Dutch broadcaster would invite physicist Arnot Jaspers or chemist Simon Rosendahl to explain the real situation.

(Ronald Blasterk, De Telegraaf, March 23, 2021)

“One of the best science journalists in the country”

Arnott Jaspers, physicist and one of the best science journalists in the country. The vile pen, only he has Nitrogen trap, politicians under the influence of environmental lobbies written.

Quote 1: “In this way, biodiversity has become an idol that must give way to it, regardless of the social and economic costs.”

Quote 2: “Picky plants declared by ecologists Staatsb Glosbeheer and Natuurmonumenten to be the original nature of the Netherlands.”

Quote 3: “If a nitrogen-sensitive plant or animal species that depends on them disappears from the Netherlands, they can still be found elsewhere in Europe, usually just across the border. Extinction in the Netherlands is not possible.”

Quote 4: “It seems that the Dutch judges do not at all consider the social harm caused by the application of the precautionary principle.”

(Simon Rozendaal, EW, March 25, 2023)

Great book

‘Outside. What a wonderful book by Arnout Jaspers. Everyone should read this.

(Martin Keulemans, De Volkskrant, on Twitter, March 25, 2023)

Arnold Jaspers He is a science journalist, columnist for Wynia’s Week, and bestselling author Nitrogen trap. His book is on sale everywhere, like here. Enjoy reading!

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