What about trust in science?

How to increase confidence in science? To prevent a gap between society and science, science communication must change, Minister Robert Dijgraf and Professor of Science Communication Iunika Smits believe. They tell Op1 how they are going to solve this problem.

There is no trust in science in the Netherlands Bad, however It can only change. And we have to get ahead of that, and find it Professor Ionica Smits and Minister Robert Dekgraff. Smeets came up with a solution and wrote advice for the National Expertise Center for Science and Society. What will this center do? “There are a lot of people who believe in science, and are interested in it, but aren’t involved in it.”

a dialogue

“More dialogue is needed,” says Smits. To achieve this, Smeets has also started talking, specifically with people who have absolutely nothing to do with science. “We just started talking. We went to schools. Then we talked to students who have no intention of becoming scientists later, but are actually very willing to do so. I think it’s very good to remember: It’s too bad to have a small group that doesn’t trust In everything. There is a large group who are fully prepared, but they are not involved.”

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