What are the upcoming navigation apps for Android Auto?

If you want to navigate with Android Auto, you currently have a choice between Google Maps and Waze. A number of new navigation apps are likely to be added soon. We list the main ones.

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These navigation apps come for Android Auto

The most popular navigation app for Android Auto is being Google MapsBut, of course, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to use a different app. The only real alternative is currently Wiz, Which is also part of Google. This app has the big advantage of having live traffic information on the road. Users can report diversions, accidents, and more. Is there a risk of traffic jams? Then Waze will immediately offer you an alternative path.

There are many other navigation apps available for download in the Play Store, but they don’t work with Android Auto. Google happily revealed last year that it will also support third-party apps in the operating system. Since then, more navigation apps for Android Auto have been worked on. We list three of them.

1. Sygic

Actually Sygic is already available for Android Auto. It’s a beta version, so the app might not function optimally yet. However, the arrival of Sygic is good news. The maps are of high quality and you can use them completely offline. So you don’t need internet connection while on the go. This is useful if you are driving through an area with poor coverage. You also go through your data package at a slower speed.

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Android auto sjuic support

Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps


2. Flash Master

Flitsmeister is a Dutch navigation app with a large group of users. They report the location of speed cameras, just like traffic jams and departmental controls. So you can see exactly what to look for along the way. Ambulances can also send a report to Flitsmeister, so that you can stop on time. Additionally, it is possible to pay the parking costs from the app.

Flitsmeister is already available for Apple CarPlay And we are working hard on Android Auto app. You can now test the trial version with Through this link to sign up.

Flash Master

Flash Master

3. Tom Tom

TomTom that was previously powerful has fallen into a mystery with the arrival of smartphones. However, many users still support the company due to the high quality of the cards. TomTom also supports Android Auto. So it is expected that you will soon be able to use the app inside Google OS. Unfortunately, we can’t fix a specific date yet.

TomTom GO Navigation – Live GPS Maps & Traffic

TomTom International BV

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