What do you expect from Viaplay, F1 TV Pro and Ziggo Sport about the first race?

Today, nearly three months later, the first race of the season has been decided. At 4pm, the season will officially start with the Bahrain Grand Prix. You can follow the race this year in a variety of ways via Viaplay, F1 TV and Ziggo Sport. But what do you expect?

Drivers can already wait with great difficulty for the new season to start, but fans also want to see the new cars in action as soon as possible. This was possible last year via F1 TV and Ziggo Sport, but this season a new option has been added: Viaplay. Today’s program on the three channels is as follows.


At Viaplay, just like on Friday and Saturday, you can expect analysis from the studio again. Starting at 2:20 p.m., you can already go to the Swedish broadcasting service, which will be in the studio as well as on the track. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Amber Brantsen, analysts such as Giedo van der Garde, Tom Coronel and Christijan Albers will review the race. There will also be a swap with David Coulthard and Mika Häkkinen who are on site. Additionally there are onboard streams for all drivers, Stefan Cox is present as pit reporter and Nelson Valkenburg and Milroy Hemskerk will provide commentary from 4pm. There is of course also a comprehensive post-race analysis.

Ziggo Sports

Ziggo Sport is no longer broadcasting the race live this season (rights have moved to Viaplay), but there’s still plenty to do around the race. For example, you will be able to see the race summary in Bahrain at 6:00 pm, with commentary by Olaf Mall. There will also be an F1 Café tonight at 10:55pm, which will look back on the race in Bahrain. Rob Kamphues is the presenter there, while well-known names such as Robert Doornbos, Rick Winkelman, Jack Plooij and Rob van Gameren will also be joining. Formula 1 can also be watched on Sunday via Ziggo Sport.

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F1 TV Pro

Finally, the third option: F1 TV Pro. You can also continue racing again this season. From Formula 3 and Formula 2 to beyond Formula 1. Additional data, lap times and onboard streams for all drivers. Commentary is not currently available in Dutch on F1 TV Pro, but this will change during the season. The preview on F1 TV Pro will begin at 3:00pm, while commentary will run until approximately 6:45pm immediately after the race. Will Buxton is the announcer there, while David Alorca and Lawrence Barreto support him.

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