What do you think about the future of our media?

Those who say spring say it is time for renewal … At the beginning of twenty years we want to develop the media and allow you to participate in the dynamics of dynamism. Ir Referendum. This is the chance to give you the word, because in order to better meet your expectations … we need to know!

Which sections do you prefer? What are your favorite reading moments? Do you already know our podcast? Who are you, who are you? These are some of the questions we asked ourselves about you that we have put together A questionnaire. As you will see, at the end of the survey, there is also a little more secret part waiting for you …

Futura will celebrate its 20th anniversary in July this year and it seems important for us to engage our readers in a participatory process to define Future 2021 And more. As you know, since its inception in 2001, Futura has positioned itself as an independent means of decoding news and scientific knowledge. Enlightened science professionals and hobbyists know our shared well-being, the rigor of the scientific process, and our compass!

Over 20 years, our media has evolved tremendously, undergoing different versions, new formats, growing teams, and always need more adaptation and agility to continue this race to decipher and spread science!

Today we want to explore the world with you for many years to come, which is why we need your advice!

It only takes a few minutes and will help us a lot in getting the most out of you in the future. We are counting on you to answer them!

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This survey writes the first lines of a new chapter with you. So thank you for your loyalty and And your role !

Our future is our own

Note also that this research is part of the context and model for global change and development of our media.

For those of you who haven’t read Futura’s new community space on Patreon, here are some rules to introduce you to this initiative.

We have been searching for alternative and compensation solutions to show Futura ads to our readers for a while, although this remains an important source of income to this day.

We have asked ourselves extensively what a model can please everyone. We wanted to keep Futura and its information “free” as an independent medium while providing a solution for our readers. So it is these reflections that create a new space for community support: Patreon.

This space allows our readers to support our media Ir Monthly subscriptions without commitment. In return, we commit to specific benefits.

we wrote a tool It further explains our approach and goals for these subscription systems.

If you would like more information, please feel free to visit our website Patreon Page Which lists your current subscriptions.

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