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The Submitters

Chantal Janzen, Edesilia Rumbelli, Nikki de Jagger and Jean Smit are overwhelmed by the compliments of their presentation skills. Viewers are mainly astonished by the fact that Nikkie does so well, despite not actually being presented. Chantal even spoke about her artistic break and no one even noticed it at the time.


On the other hand, the music was less popular with the audience. For example, a number of people have tweeted that they think their TV is down. Another tweeted that the Eurovision Song Contest was so much fun to watch with the audio off. By the way, not a bad word was spoken about Malta, the viewers were very enthusiastic about this performance.

Davina Michelle

Besides the fact that there have been many positive reports about the presenters and the whole scene in general, Davina Michelle has also received a lot of compliments. For example, someone tweeted that Davina definitely won first place with this song, another wants to send it to the Eurovision Song Contest next year and there are a lot of tweets about her singing skills.

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