What does Mad Max: Fury Road have to do with Dali

Left: Dali, Right: Fury Road.picture X

There are people who find visual arts a complex and incomprehensible affair. Hence who thinks it is only for a small club. This is a fallacy, and the proof is the movie. Take for example the popular science fiction films of recent years, such as a movie like Sand dunes For example: Who can tell me that they completely understand it? And from Mad Max: Fury Road He doesn’t find it complicated, he’s a genius. And they are movies that exactly few people have seen. Sand dunes 394 million euros worldwide, Mad Max: Fury Road 369 million euros.

Sometimes you don’t look at things because you want to understand them, but for other reasons. For example, to experience beauty, or amazement, or awe, in short, all those helpless words that people use to justify art. You won’t realize it until you see it.

Directors are artists and many of them are fond of visual arts. Sometimes movie scenes are directly inspired by the painting. Mad Max: Fury Road It is in our opinion the pearl of the example. Director George Miller hails centuries of apocalyptic visual art in nearly every scene. And he shoots it with an ease that looks almost casual, like a ball he hits in the goal with his heel. For example, his poem by Salvador Dali in the film lasts only 10 seconds. tenIn a two-hour movie.

In it we see two common characters on stilts some meters high, slowly stumbling through a weathered and orphaned landscape. Moreover, there are only dead trees and some crows on the branches. One of the pillar monsters pauses to watch the main characters’ car drive through this wasteland. Wading is too heavy for this giant stork’s legs. An unlikely balance, weak and threatening at the same time.

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crow hunters

The movie makes absolutely no effort to these crow hunters (‘Crow Fishers) explains. Apparently Miller later said that they are the remains of Vovalini, the mother who lived in that lost place green place Live. Show sketches They wear clothes made of crow feathers.

Fans immediately noticed the resemblance to the painting The elephants (1948) by Salvador Dali. It is not surprising, of course, that directors who want to portray an ominous and wonderful world turn out to be a master of surrealism. Dali is the ancestor of the dystopian dream scene. in the scene way of anger It looks like a deep blue version of the bright red painting. Both unreal and unclear. Perhaps even more terrifying, because of that deep blue color. Dominant giant figures twice on long, slender legs in a ghostly spectacle. Dali painted those elephants often, including in a painting on the vision of Saint Anthony, the most painted subject in the last thousand years with such a horrific scene. Elephants established themselves again On the famous statue of Bernini in Rome.

No one knows exactly what Dali meant by those elephants, Although endless symbolism is sought. You better put up with it like you do in Mashhad crazy max Subject to the hologram, as if you were inside it yourself.

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