What does the balcony track plan look like on the west? – chick

Jan Eversenstrat. Where are the terraces? Richard Moyman’s photo.


Starting next week, balcony plans will be available at Rozengracht and De Clercqstraat Online. You can reply to this until February 9th. The plans are part of the Oranje Loper programme. This project focuses on the renovation of the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and the streets and bridges from Raadhuisstraat to Mercatorplein.
The streets will be redesigned in the coming years. There will be more space for pedestrians, cyclists, trams and “healthy and strong” green spaces. The so-called service bar will be placed between the sidewalk and the road. Part of the stands will go there, so that pedestrians have more space on the sidewalk.
The district administrators Rozengracht and De Clercqstraat-Jan Evertsenstraat made two terrace plans with the counties: one for Rozengracht and one for De Clercqstraat-Jan Evertsenstraat.
In the design of the terraces, the west takes into account that pedestrians have a space of at least 2.20 meters to walk on the sidewalk. In the absence of space on the sidewalk, the terraces are arranged elsewhere, usually the service sector. “It is therefore possible that the balcony plans could have consequences for the dimensions and location of the existing terraces,” says Martje de Ne, Area Manager at De Clercqstraat-Jan Evertsenstraat.


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