What series did our American Friends watch the most streaming in 2020?

Office seems to be the most popular of all, but there are also standout titles.

The 2020 equilibrium is being drawn gradually. For example, it is now known which series is the most popular in the United States in terms of live broadcasting.

Nielsen published their numbers for the full year. It turned out that the series the desk By far the most popular. Netflix subscribers watched the series in at least 57.13 billion minutes. Cut more than the second number on the list: Grey’s Anatomy, Which streamed 39.41 billion minutes.

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The top list shows that Netflix is ​​still very popular. We have two lists: the assets of the broadcast service and the series purchased.

1. The Office (Netflix) – 57.13 Melgard
2. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix) – 39,41 Melgard
3. Criminal Minds (Netflix) – 35.41 Melgard
4. NCIS (Netflix) – 28,13 Milgard
5. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) – $ 23.79 billion
6. Supernatural (Netflix) – 2034 Melgard
7. Shameless (Netflix) – 1822 Melgard
8. New Girl (Netflix) – 14,55Milgard
9. Blacklist (Netflix) – 14,48 Milgard
10. The Vampire Diaries (Netflix) – 14.09 Melgard

And of course there are assets, too. Netflix is ​​also dominant at this, although Disney + appears to be in the top ten as well.

1. Ozark (Netflix) – 30,46Milgard
2. Lucifer (Netflix) – 1895 Melgard
3. The Crown (Netflix) – 16.28 Milgard
4. Tiger King (Netflix) – 15.61 Melgard
5. The Mandalorian (Disney +) – 14.52 Melgard
6. Umbrella Academy (Netflix) – 13,47 Milgard
7. The Great British Baking Show (Netflix) – 13,28 Milgard
8. Boss Baby: Back in Business (Netflix) – 12.63 Melgard
9. Longmire (Netflix) – 1138 Melgard
10. You (Netflix) – 1097 Melgard

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