What time does the Formula 1 race weekend in Imola start?

The fourth race of the F1 season begins on Friday. After racing in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia, Formula 1 will be in Europe for the first time this weekend. Driving on Imola on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Emilia-Romagna’s Grand Prix is ​​on the agenda.

The round in Imola, the longest form of Formula 1 as San Marino’s Grand Prix, has returned to the calendar since last year. Max Verstappen won more than Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris last year. The round is 4.909 km long, has 17 turns and the race will take place in 63 rounds. But the weekend is a little different this season than usual

Sprint betting

Imola is proud to be hosting this year’s Sprint Race weekend for the first time. That means there will be a less free training session on Friday and more points to get. There was no sprint race in Imola last year, so this is the first time Formula 1 has run a sprint race in Italy. But when does racing weekend start on Friday?


Racing weekends in Imola start at a slightly different time than on previous weekends. The racing weekend starts at 13:30 on Friday with the first free workout. It’s time to qualify for Saturday’s sprint race at 17:00. During this session, the polar position will be officially presented.

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