What we learn from the smallest seawater bubble ever found in a rock

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We often talk about looking for water on other planets, but new research shows we still don’t know everything about water on our planet.

Bubbles containing water are trapped in many minerals and gems. The researchers have now succeeded in determining the composition of the smallest bubbles with water.

390 million years old are the water droplets, which must be part of a huge ancient sea of ​​salt water that stretched from Michigan in the United States to Ontario in Canada. The sea had coral reefs that must have been as impressive as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and sea scorpions the size of pickup trucks that walked the bottom.

The sea has disappeared due to climate change. Knowing exactly how that happened and how warm the water was during that time can also help us today. The fact that we have managed to extract information from those tiny bubbles provides new opportunities for researching those changes in climate, in the distant past.

But understanding how these tiny droplets behave in rocks could help with something. That is, when looking for ways to store hydrogen safely underground in the future.

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