What’s the Right Wiper Blade Size for 2012 Ford Focus?

Quality and performance are key when you’re shopping for wiper blades. After all, you rely on them for visibility during severe weather conditions. Superior-grade blades make a huge difference in their performance, and you want to find models that best match your usage needs.

But you’re also here to find the right size of 2012 Ford Focus wiper blades. As you may know, wiper arm lengths differ on each vehicle model. Many use a different size on the driver’s and passenger’s side, but that’s not true for every vehicle. Your Focus takes a 28-inch blade on both sides. And now that you know this, keep reading for some other useful tips on getting the most out of your new blades.

How To Check If Your Wiper Blades Are Still in Good Standing

When your wipers are in good working order, they faithfully clear away rain, snow, dirt and other kinds of debris. But eventually, they’ll stop performing up to expectations. Naturally, you’ll wonder, “Why did my windshield wipers stop working?” Sometimes, it’s just a case of worn-out wiper blades. When they require replacement, you’ll notice some common symptoms:

  • Ripped, cracked, worn or missing blade rubber
  • Squeaking, squealing or chattering
  • Streaks or dirt left behind
  • Rust or corrosion on metal frames

Climate and usage frequency can lengthen or shorten your blades’ useful lifespans. Depending on the type you buy, they’ll usually last from six months to one year.

Types of Ford Focus Wiper Blades

When you’re shopping for blades, you’ll see three different styles on the market: conventional, beam and hybrid. Conventional blades are the old-school type with a rubber squeegee connected to a metal frame with pivot points. Beam blades use a solid piece of rubber and are curved to match the arc of your windshield. Hybrids use a metal frame with an aerodynamic rubber shell.

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Each wiper blade style offers unique benefits. Conventional blades are the least expensive and offer dependable performance. When you’re dealing with heavy rain or snow, however, you may need to bring out the big guns. Beam wipers are the strongest and best-performing blades available. Not only do they clean more efficiently thanks to their curved design, but their lack of metal also makes them less likely to clog with snow and ice.

If beam blades are out of your budget, you may want to consider hybrids. Their price points fall between conventional and beam blades. Thanks to their rubber shells and metal frames with pivoting suspension points, they can clear your windshield efficiently but with prices that are a little easier on your wallet.

Why Good Wiper Fluid Is Important

After you choose the best Ford Focus wiper blades, don’t forget about your windshield washer fluid. It’s more than just fancy-colored water – it contains cleaning compounds plus antifreeze or ethanol to stop it from freezing during colder months. Besides pushing away debris, wipers with antifreeze keep your windshield cleaner and provide better visibility. Getting your blades and fluid at a reputable aftermarket auto parts retailer is a smart move. You get access to expert assistance plus high-quality products to help keep your Focus in top shape throughout the entire year.

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