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WhatsApp is working on a new option that allows you to delete old messages for all recipients. The app has had this delete button for some time, but at the moment it only works for recently submitted apps.

The option hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s already in an early beta version of the app. The site noted that WABetaInfo employment. A small group of people can already try the new version.

WhatsApp has been offering the option to delete a recent message for four years now. You can do this only for yourself, or for everyone who received the same message. But this is only possible now after about an hour of sending.

It seems that the limit has disappeared

The new option has a much longer time limit. A chat message from August of this year, for example, could still be removed in November. With that, it seems that every limit has disappeared.

This feature makes it possible, for example, to make awkward old phrases disappear in group conversations, months or perhaps even years after they were sent. Although the option is not watertight: if someone takes a screenshot of your old message, it will remain transparent.

Still being tested

It remains to be seen when the feature will be launched and what form it will take. WhatsApp is currently testing the option, but there is always the possibility that during this testing period it will be selected to modify the functionality or even delete it.

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Earlier, other WhatsApp plans also leaked through the test apps. For example, in the reference code a file . was created iPad variant of the popular app.

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