WhatsApp gets a new look with different themes

WhatsApp upgraded to its interface years ago and has been allowed to use the same theme since then. WhatsApp has a dark theme, but you always get the same theme colors. WaBetaInfo says an upcoming WhatsApp update should change that.

WhatsApp gets themes

The WhatsApp It currently offers very limited customization options: Basically, you can only change the dark theme and background of conversations. Thus, Telegram is advancing the Facebook chat service by offering the option to customize the colors of the Android app to its users. This is not possible in WhatsApp, but it looks like this will change.

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Notification WaBetaInfo Explains that WhatsApp is conducting internal testing by changing “theme colors”. This mainly relates to the colors of the bar above the conversations and the colors of the chat bubbles. Details about the customization options are still scarce at this time. The test version will include a darker shade of green, but it is not known if the other colors will be added in the end.

Since the functionality is still “in development” according to the website, it remains uncertain what the subjects will look like after the disclosure. There is also an uncertainty about themes coming to the Android app. WhatsApp is currently developing the functionality in its iOS app; There are no signs yet that this will also end up in the Android app. There is a good chance this will happen. The vast majority of WhatsApp jobs are available on both platforms.

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Features are under development

In addition to the upcoming theme options for WhatsApp, the chat service has a host of other functions in the background. It was recently announced that the app will provide playback speed settings for Personalize voice messages. WhatsApp also wants to provide backups of your chat conversations From password protection Telegram follows an option Photos automatically To disappear.

What is the leaked WhatsApp feature (s) that you are looking for? Are there other wishes for WhatsApp? Be sure to tell us in the comments at the bottom of the article.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

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