WhatsApp is useless for those who do not accept the new terms

New terms and conditions for WhatsApp have been proposed since the beginning of this year and have been Immediately controversial. Those who agree, grant permission to share data between WhatsApp and its parent company, Facebook. This data sharing does not apply to European users, as this is prohibited in the European Union.

Agree to the terms

Anyone who wants to continue using WhatsApp must agree to the new terms. If you don’t, you will no longer be able to read and send messages as of May 15th. WhatsApp reports On its website. “For a short period of time, you can still receive calls and notifications, but you cannot read or send messages through the application,” WhatsApp said.

Ultimately removed

Long-term inactive WhatsApp accounts will eventually be deleted: this will happen after four months of inactivity. After May 15, the new terms can still be accepted without any problems, as long as users wait no more than four months.

WhatsApp has enabled Introduction Of the new terms from February 8th to May 15th. The company reported a misunderstanding between users and wanted to provide more information.

Telegram en Signal

Many users are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp recently. Rivals Telegram and Signal suddenly topped the list in January The most popular applications running.

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