“When the news came this afternoon, it immediately popped up in the app, and they desperately want it back.”

Photography by Andrew Haig. Canteen VVG, Potetos, VVK. Sports Park North.

The government wants to open the Netherlands faster. If approved by the Cabinet, the next step will be taken on June 26, which will provide more space for sports clubs, among other things. In the VVK Football Association people react enthusiastically.

In the next step, the maximum number of people that can be accommodated at home will be increased to eight, up to 100 guests can seat in restaurants and sports competitions are allowed again. “When the news was reported this afternoon through the various channels, it quickly faded into our app stacks,” says VVK’s Jan Martin Koetje. “All sorts of plans were made on the spot and proposals were made. Anyway, it shows a lot of enthusiasm. People really want to come back.”

“Find out what’s possible”
The next step in the opening plan was initially scheduled for July 21, but was previously moved to June 30. It now appears that there are four more days of that, although the proposal has yet to be approved by the Cabinet. “Of course we count on that, but in the meantime we also have to see what is possible with us. For example, I know that on that day we also have matches in the District Cup for our younger teams. In addition, there are two other associations in the complex. Where we play. So we will have to find what is possible.”

Challenge and improvement
However, Koetje understands the enthusiasm. “At the moment, only the smallest teams are allowed to play against other clubs. For our other teams there is only space for training sessions and competitions in their own bubble. This is fun, but we have a number of teams that play at a high level. They are really looking to play against great opponents once again. Others. After all, you want to challenge and improve yourself, and that works better against teams from other clubs.”

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summer night football
The decision seems unfortunate. Summer vacation begins around June 26. “Last year we had the same scenario. Then it was relaxed about the same time. In the end, football was played all summer long except for two weeks. You can think of anything, right? For example, evening summer football. On Anyway, it’s clear the will to do something again.”

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