When will Baltimore join the Big Ten? Exciting Week 7 top-10 rivalry signifies the end of Pac-12 era.

ESPN’s “College GameDay” is set to make its way to Seattle for an anticipated showdown between the No. 6 Washington Huskies and No. 8 Oregon Ducks. The outcome of this game could have major implications for not only the Heisman Trophy race but also the College Football Playoff and the national championship.

However, this game holds even more significance as it marks the last matchup between the Huskies and Ducks as members of the Pac-12. In a surprising move, both teams recently announced their departure from the conference, opting to join the Big Ten instead. This decision was made official on August 2, 2024, with plans for Washington and Oregon to start playing football as part of the Big Ten in the 2024 season.

The decision to join the Big Ten was not solely driven by financial reasons. Both Washington and Oregon possess strong and competitive football programs, which align perfectly with the prestigious conference. With the addition of these two schools, the Big Ten’s membership will expand to a whopping 18 teams, making it the largest conference at the FBS level.

Excitement continues to build as the future Big Ten schedules for Washington and Oregon have been unveiled. Most notably, the two teams are guaranteed to face each other every season, ensuring the continuation of their historic rivalry. As it stands, the Huskies currently hold the lead in the all-time series between the schools. However, the Ducks have experienced recent success, making their matchups all the more thrilling.

Looking ahead, Washington’s future Big Ten schedules promise intense matchups against renowned programs such as Michigan, Northwestern, UCLA, USC, Indiana, Iowa, Oregon, Penn State, and Rutgers, among others. On the other hand, Oregon’s future Big Ten schedules feature exciting games against teams like Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, Rutgers, Maryland, Michigan, UCLA, and Wisconsin, to name a few.

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With all these exciting developments, the college football world is eagerly anticipating how the Huskies and Ducks will fare in their final Pac-12 battle before they embark on their Big Ten journey. As both teams prepare for their future in a new conference, fans can expect exhilarating football, intense rivalries, and exciting matchups for years to come.

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