When will season 8 of The Blacklist be shown on Netflix?

In Belgium, the popular crime series The Blacklist is currently only season 1-6 on Netflix and season 7 on Videoland, but in the US Season 8 can already be broadcast and it was recently announced that the series will renew for the ninth time. season. What do we know so far about the news, the trailer and the date The Blacklist Season 8 on Netflix?

What is the story of the blacklist?

Raymond “Red” Redington is one of the world’s most wanted criminals. One day he volunteered at FBI headquarters. He claims that he wants to help the police defuse all the dangerous terrorists and criminals on his personal blacklist. But he does have one important condition: Reid only wants to speak to Elizabeth Kane, a profile editor for the FBI with no experience …

Title: Black list
Good heart: Siri
Public: 2013
Expensive: 9 seasons
Categories: Crime, drama, mystery
maker: John Buckinkamp
cast: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhof
IMDb: 8.0 Out of 196,000 votes
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When will season 8 of The Blacklist be shown on Netflix Belgium?

  • When will season 8 of The Blacklist be shown on Netflix Belgium?

    It is not currently known when the blacklisted season 9 will be released on Netflix. However, given the planning for the previous seasons, it is expected that it will take until 2022 before we enjoy this new season in Belgium. Once we know the exact date of the release of Part 8, it will be announced via email.

  • Where can you watch The Blacklist online?

    In Belgium, the blacklist for season 1-6 can be watched exclusively on Netflix.

  • How can you stream more of The Blacklist seasons now?

    In the US, all episodes of Season 8 are currently airing on Netflix. Additionally, Season Seven can also be watched there on Netflix. With a good VPN, you can connect to American Netflix from Belgium to watch the latest seasons now. You can find more information on this in the article Watch movies and series with a VPN.

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Will there be Season 9 of The Blacklist or will it be the final season of Series S8?

Yes, the arrival of the ninth season of The Blacklist has already been confirmed by NBC. More information can be found in The Blacklist Season 9 article on Netflix.

What teaser or trailer is there for the Blacklist 8 season?

Watch the blacklist’s season 8 trailer below.

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