Where are the twins George and Amal Clooney?

In June of 2017, George Clooney and his wife, Amal, became proud parents of twins, Ella and Alexander. next week , twins They both blow out six birthday candles, but we know very little about the young Clooneys thus far. What’s up with that?

family man

George Clooney once wore the “Bachelor” title vigorously. But since Amal Alamuddin was in his life, the actor has been the ultimate family man. The two met at a fundraiser in 2013 and sparks flew instantly. A year later, the two announced their engagement and a few weeks later tied the knot in Italy. A few years later, they are suddenly a family of four, after Amal gives birth to twins: Ella and Alexander.

Kids safety

Ella and Alexander are now almost six years old, but not much is known about Clooney’s offspring. And this is exactly what George and Amal wrote the list. For example, famous parents never want their children to be photographed. A French magazine got it all wrong, when the magazine published adorable photos of Amal and the twins. The photographer snapped pictures of the babies, who were just seven weeks old at the time, from a tree outside the Clooney home.

George clearly stated in a quote at the time, “Make no mistake that the paparazzi, agency and magazine will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” CNN. “The safety of our children requires it.” And he explained exactly what he meant by that safety years later in 2021. We can’t protect our children if a magazine puts their faces on the cover. We never sell a photo of our children, we are not on social media and we never post pictures because it would put their lives in danger. Not paranoid menace, but real-world problems, with consequences for the real world.”

Dangerous business

George points out the dangerous profession of his wife, Amal. She works as a human rights lawyer and has spoken out against a number of dangerous people and organizations over the years. daily Mail. Therefore, the couple is terrified that they will have to deal with a vengeful measure, of which the twins are the target. Therefore, it is not surprising that George and Clooney do not want their children to be known to the general public.

Parents themselves also take the necessary measures to protect their children. For example, George and Amal no longer work with organizations that focus on certain goals and no longer travel to dangerous corners of the world. “We decided to be more responsible to avoid danger,” George said. Paris Match. “I don’t go to South Sudan and Congo anymore, Amal doesn’t go to Iraq anymore and she avoids places she knows she’s not welcome.”

hands on the parents

Just because George and Amal are more aware of their work and their time doesn’t mean they take it easy. However, they both believe that it is important to spend as much time as possible with their children. in Watchman The actor told in 2021 that they only have one part-time nanny for the twins and want to be as hands-on as possible. “We don’t have multiple nannies, because it’s so important for Amal to be involved. We have a nanny four days a week, and we’re there the rest of the time,” George says.

George also revealed last fall that the twins are major pranksters — in particular Alexander couldn’t get enough of all kinds of jokes and jokes. And George has to thank himself for that. in conversation with Get to Hollywood The actor revealed, “I thought it would be funny to see them single dumps In any case, karma does its job, of course, and George has to admit reluctantly: “Now they mainly play these jokes on me, which is not quite as fun. A five-year-old does pranks better than me! “

Although Alexander is still the funniest person in the house, Ella is getting more serious, the actor once said. Watchman Known. “She always makes sure everyone follows the rules. They are born with their own personalities!” Sweet!

Source: Beau Monde Archives, The List, Access Hollywood | Photo: BrunoPress

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