Where can you watch Rugby Six Nations 2022 online in Netherlands?

Six Nations Rugby Championship, known in English as Six Nations Championship About to start again. From February 5, 2022 to March 29, 2022, the great powers England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales will once again compete for victory. Below you will find where to find Watch Rugby Six Nations 2022 online You can do this with free and legal live broadcasts or on TV from the Netherlands.

Where can you watch Rugby Six Nations 2022 online?

In recent months, Dutch broadcasting services have been aggressively bidding on several sports, but it seems rugby isn’t yet alive enough among the general public to have broadcasting rights high on the buying agenda. As a result, it can be difficult to find ways to watch the 2022 Rugby Six Nations tournament between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales online.

As a Ziggo customer you can at least Watch rugby with the sports package† During the Six Nations Championship, the opening match between Wales and Ireland was broadcast publicly to all customers on Ziggo Sport, but the rest With the Sport Totaal package On the channel “Docu”. If you are not a Ziggo customer, it is sometimes possible with other providers through cooperation to obtain the Sport Totaal package, such as Here on the official KPN website† Furthermore, you will find more viewing and completion options Scheduling with channels

Ziggo Watch all Rugby Six Nations 2022 matches live on Ziggo.
VPN With a VPN, you can watch Rugby Six Nations 2022. Go to more information.
Discover + Discovery’s streaming service has won the broadcast rights to the Olympics, Formula E, UFC and more, but unfortunately you can’t watch rugby on Discover+.
NLSEE There is currently no live rugby broadcast on TV channels available in NLZIET.
Viaplay In Viaplay you can find sports like Formula 1, darts and football on show, but you can’t watch rugby in Holland.

Watch Rugby Six Nations 2022 with VPN

People who can’t get the Sport Totaal package often choose to buy VPN Watching rugby and the Six Nations. This will also be possible in 2022, both from the Netherlands and from abroad when you cannot access the available streaming services. It is important to use a good VPN for this.

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In short, it works very simply: a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an anonymous Internet connection that ensures your privacy is guaranteed. This allows you to set the location signal your device sends. Do you set your VPN to a different country? Then the relevant website you are visiting thinks that you are in that country and as a result you can simply access streams that you might not be able to view from Holland or elsewhere.

For example, you can choose 7Plus from Australia or CBC from Canada, but also ARD and ZDF from Germany. But the most famous option is BBC iPlayer from the UK, where you can watch matches with commentary in English. It works like this in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Surfshark (or another provider) and get a good VPN for only €2 per month
  2. Select your location to the UK via the app
  3. Go straight to BBC iPlayer And start watching!

Program: This is the full schedule per week

Below you will find exactly which matches in Rugby Six Nations 2022 will be played in one complete programme. Only the opening match between Ireland and Wales will be broadcast publicly on Ziggo’s Channel 14, but the rest can be watched the other ways described above.

Date Day of the week Dutch time residence Outside
February 5 2022 Saturday 3:05 pm Ireland Wales
February 5 2022 Saturday 5:35 pm Scotland England
February 6 2022 Sunday 3:50 pm France Italia
February 12 2022 Saturday 3:05 pm Wales Scotland
February 12 2022 Saturday 5:35 pm France Ireland
February 13, 2022 Sunday 3:50 pm Italia England
February 26, 2022 Saturday 3:05 pm Scotland France
February 26, 2022 Saturday 5:35 pm England Wales
February 27 2022 Sunday 3:50 pm Ireland Italia
March 11, 2022 Sunday 8:50 pm Wales France
12 March 2022 Saturday 3:05 pm Italia Scotland
12 March 2022 Saturday 5:35 pm England Ireland
March 19, 2022 Saturday 3:05 pm Wales Italia
March 19, 2022 Saturday 5:35 pm Ireland Scotland
March 19, 2022 Saturday 8:50 pm England France

We do not recommend watching Rugby Six Nations 2022 via illegal streaming

We can pretend that doesn’t happen, but that’s no way to deal with illegal live streams either. Many people around the world still watch illegal rugby broadcasts. We strongly advise against this for several reasons. Not only are you working illegally, but you are also depriving the sport and team you love of a much-needed portion of the income.

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Moreover, these illegal websites are often riddled with viruses, which can jeopardize the security of your computer, tablet or phone. So don’t take any chances. We’ll keep you updated on the Streamwijzer website on how to watch sports legally and often for free.

Please note: Using a VPN to stream sports, movies and series is not illegal in the Netherlands, but accessing different libraries of the streaming service may violate the terms of use. If you are streaming content using a VPN, you do so at your own risk. Streamwijzer and VPN providers discourage the use of a VPN in a manner that may violate the terms and conditions of the streaming services. Always read up to the terms of use.

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