Where does Verstappen fall on the list of the highest-paid Dutch athletes?

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Max Verstappen has extended his contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028. The Dutchman will earn a significant amount of money with his new deal, making him the highest-earning Dutch athlete ever.

Verstappen Contract Extension

With his new deal, Verstappen will earn around fifty million euros annually. Bonuses and sponsorship money are not included in this amount, so who knows how much higher the amount will be at the end of the season. This makes the 24-year-old the best-paid Dutch athlete ever.

The trust between Red Bull and Verstappen is great. In 2022, the team will do everything in its power to defend Verstappen’s world title. The Dutchman feels at home and does not see himself moving to another team at the moment. In terms of salary, Verstappen is now on par with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. Never before has a Formula 1 driver signed such a long contract with a team.

The Dutch are the highest-earning alongside Verstappen

The Netherlands has many successful athletes, but none come close to Verstappen’s salary. GPblog puts together a list of Dutch athletes who earn more each year in addition to Verstappen.

2. Xander Bogarts

Baseball player Xander Bogaerts may be less well known than Verstappen, but yet the F1 driver earns the most money as a prominent Dutch athlete. Since 2019, he has a contract with the Boston Red Sox, where he earns 19 million euros annually. Bogaerts is a celebrity in America, but Verstappen earns nearly three times as much as a baseball player.

3. Kenley Jansen

Another baseball player on the list, because Curacao’s Kenley Jansen earns sixteen million euros as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nor does it come close to Verstappen’s amount.

4. Didi Gregorios

Dutch baseball player Didi Gregorios can also call himself one of the highest paid Dutch athletes. The Amsterdam-born baseball player plays for the New York Yankees, earning nearly thirteen million euros annually. He extended his contract in 2019.

5. Virgil van Dijk

Of course, no footballer can lose from the list. Virgil van Dijk, the man in the defense of Liverpool and the Dutch national team, earns 11.5 million euros a year. This makes him the highest paid Dutch player on the list.

Verstappen ahead

It is clear from the list that Verstappen has a significant salary advance compared to other top Dutch athletes. Formula 1 is growing in popularity, and Red Bull has struck a number of huge deals that are bringing them a lot of money. So it’s no surprise that Verstappen earns a lot after his first world title.

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