Where should you be able to hold your urine for the longest? These regional municipalities are most convenient to use toilets | Drotton

Anyone with bowel, stomach or bladder problems often wants to go to the toilet as soon as possible. This is quickly available at home, but it’s often a different story in town. To change that, the Maag Lever Darm Stichting (MLDS) has once again published a list of the most toilet-friendly municipalities in the Netherlands.

Most notable downfall from the list? Drotton. Two years later, Veere in Zeeland rejected this municipality as the most toilet-friendly municipality and dropped to 21st. “Druten scored fewer points than last year and was therefore dropped from the list,” says Ivo Tonon, MLDS spokesperson.

Druten is no longer commandant in the province of Gelderland either, that honor goes to Harderwijk.

Not every toilet is worth the same

How Druton managed to make this fall has to do with his MLDS registration. He formulated many requirements. If the municipality complies with this, you get points. For example, there must be at least one toilet available for every 300 inhabitants, and it can be a semi-public toilet, such as a shop or supermarket. Or a completely public toilet, which you see in parks, for example.


I still often find out that there is no restroom nearby.

Sandra Gosling

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