Which channel can Super Bowl 2021 watch live?

On Sunday night, February 7 to Monday February 8, the annual Super Bowl Championship will be shown on TV again. The end of the American Football season is a real scene every year with plenty of entertainment before and during the game and sports. It starts at 12:30 pm and can be watched on ESPN, ESPN6 and BBC One.

the difference
For the second year in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs reached the Super Bowl. He won presidents last year. The opponent is Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with star and six-time winner Tom Brady playing for the first time this year.

The pirates play in their playground in Tampa, Florida. Never before in Super Bowl’s fifty-year history. The site is determined years in advance. It is the 55th league and therefore it is also called the “Super Bowl LV”.

Dutch Super Bowl time
Due to the difference in timing with the United States, the Super Bowl can still be seen in the Netherlands in the evening. Departure time is 12:30 PM EST. Before that, the Super Bowl opens with a stunning screen and US national anthem.

Half time display
Halfway through the match, a well-known artist performs during what is called a halftime show. This year it is The Weeknd, the Canadian artist who had a hit last year with Blinding Lights and Save Your Tears.

Live on TV
Super Bowl is broadcast in the Netherlands by ESPN, formerly FOX Sports. The sports match broadcasts the Dutch commentary on the main channel. For ESPN International subscribers, ESPN6 offers US Super Bowl coverage. BBC One, which is free in the Netherlands, also broadcasts the Super Bowl live on TV. Watch BBC One here that can be watched by your TV provider.

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Super Bowl 2021 can be watched live on ESPN, ESPN6 and BBC One Sunday evening from February 7 to Monday February 8 at 12:30 pm. The live broadcast will begin on ESPN at 12:00 AM. Check out ESPN’s (mostly free) channel you can watch here.

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