Which Dutchman will compete in the Olympics on July 21?

Slightly weird question about the Olympics, the title at the top of this article? Isn’t the opening ceremony in Tokyo until Friday? That’s right. But: The Orange Lions will actually be in action tomorrow at the Olympic football tournament.

After the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, Metro Every evening the Dutch athletes will perform the next day and at any time. All matches take place – Dutch times – night and day. There is no live Olympic Games on Dutch TV in the evenings. Then they lie comfortably in one ear in Japan.

13:00: Orange Lions – Zambia

Until the opening ceremony, no Dutch Olympians from TeamNL will feature in the Olympics in Tokyo. Only Orange footballers led by national coach Sarina Wickman. Wickman will say goodbye after the match. Dutch water polo girls will only be coming to the Olympic Village on Wednesday, with the lions already kicked. It doesn’t happen in Tokyo, but it’s almost 400 kilometers away. The Netherlands will meet the low-flying Zambia at 1 p.m. If all goes well, the Orange Lions will be able to operate on target difference.

Unfortunately, that would have happened without the international Sherida Spitze. He suffered a knee injury on Monday and will fly back to the Netherlands. Later, the Orange team will meet Brazil and China. Team numbers 1 and 2 qualify for the quarterfinals.

Selection of orange lions

With these names, the Dutch football team, the European champions in 2017, goes for gold. Lynette Pirenstein, Merrell von Dongan, Daniel von Dong, Giga von S, Cisco Folkertzma, Stephanie von Der Crockt, Jackie Cronen, Dominic Johnson, Lies Cope, League Martens, Viviano Midema, Smiths (instead of Sherida Spitz), Sari van Vinendall and Lynn Wilms

Is there more sports in Tokyo?

Many more women’s football will be active on Wednesday, July 21 during the Tokyo Olympics. It hit Great Britain – Chile, China – Brazil, Sweden – the United States, Japan – Canada and Australia ‘neighboring’ New Zealand. The first football men play on Thursday.

Softball will be played by the girls on Wednesday. But Orange did not take part in it. Do you really want to see everything? Unadulterated (?) Softball Smasher Canada – Mexico starts at 8.00 p.m. But most Dutch TVs do not operate for that. Many domestic workers will do it at 1pm when the Orange Lions begin their Olympic adventure in Japan.

TeamNL has its own website for all the latest group news. That You can find it here.

This is the Disney trailer for the Finnord documentary (with Steven Perquis)

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Which Dutchman will compete in the Olympics on Wednesday, July 21?

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