Which timeline is the best deadline?

If you want someone to help you with something, which works best: short-term, long-term or no deadline?

Which timeline is the best deadline?

Researchers in New Zealand are curious about this. As an experiment, people were asked to complete a five-minute online survey. By completing it, they earn $ 10 that went to charity. Lessons were not given a week, a month or a deadline to complete the questionnaire.

Unexpectedly, there were more responses in a week than in a month. People felt more pressure to act quickly, and the latter deadline was more likely to be delayed. But it was surprising that most of the responses came from the group without a deadline.

Researchers began research into how people can donate more money to charities, but now they hope it can be postponed. For example, if you want as many people as possible in your organization to conduct online safety training, keep in mind: Delayed time seems like a bad option. With or without a short deadline, you can achieve greater success.

Read more about the research here: Otago researchers have found a better way to avoid procrastination.

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