While walking Joyce Western and Jose de Jaeger, they have space in their head again

Joyce Westernerck and Jose de Jaeger wore hiking shoes every day to go for a walk alone or with the Lupi dog, whether it was rainy or rough. Lupi is named after Canis lupus, the Latin name for wolf. “Don’t you think it looks like this?”

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Today they walk on the Staniastate estate near Oentsjerk. “We were just hit with a hail!” When Joyce came to live with Jose in Snakerboren from Apeldoorn a year and a half ago, she missed the forest. “It was very open here with all those meadows.” Soon I explored Fryslân on beautiful hiking trails. “ Really beautiful orange! ”

Walk on the border road

Jose walked happily. “At home in Breda, my mother often walked the border road with friends. I often came with me.” Now Joyce also appreciates the open Frisian landscape. “It is wonderful to wind in your hair, to let go of it all.” While walking they have the most beautiful hadiths. “At home, we often don’t take the time for that.”

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Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Joyce and the lobby of her high school students have been visiting at home. “They like to catch up while walking.” Jose, who works at Natuurmuseum Fryslân, is now also coaching her apprentices while walking with Lupi.

Backpacks and go

Last summer, Joyce and Jose climbed a large portion of Pieterpad, “from Pieterburen to Groesbeek, every day about 25 kilometers”. Backpacks and go. “We had a backpack tent, but we also had dog food for a week, and a lobby mat.”

We had a backpacking tent, but we also had dog food for a week, and a lobby mat

While the Lupi were happily walking ahead of them for the first few days, the last days of their journey went on with difficulty. Was it too much? Jose smiles. “At the end of the journey, we each had a bad leg.” Thankfully, Jose Lupe’s mother quickly picked up. “In her home she can refuel wonderfully.”

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