Whitman’s platform discontinued after eight seasons. It is still unknown if Witteman will return with another program

Paul Whitman at Hortus in Amsterdam.Statue of Ivo van der Bent

“It is with a sad heart that I bid farewell to the program dear to me,” Whitman says. According to him, this is a good time because “it shouldn’t be too long”. Moreover, he wants to make room for other activities, “which will undoubtedly be an extension of my passion for classical music.”

It is not yet known if Whitman will return to television with another show. At the moment, there are no specific plans for this, says an NTR spokesperson.

The program is broadcast every Sunday from De Hallen in Amsterdam. Famous faces are pianist Mike Boddy and owner Flores Corti. Classical music, Whitman’s great love, is the main focus of the programme. But there are also jazz and pop music tours, among other things. On average, about 250,000 people (during spring and fall) watch Whitman platform


Each year, an Edison Prize for Classical Music is awarded to the program. According to NTR Media Director Willemijn Francissen, Witteman “as the show’s figurehead left an indelible mark on NTR’s classical music programming and public radio”.

NTR and NPO are still discussing the possibility of continuing the program. According to an NTR spokesperson, there is a desire on their part to continue presenting classical music on television.

The last broadcast can be watched on Sunday 15 May at 6.15pm on NPO 2.

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